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Calling on all Volunteers of the Queer Community, Mental Health Community, Supporters, and Allies!

Queer Therapy Network MHP Houston Chapter is committed to growth and maintaining queer-affirming, supporter, and ally mental health professionals and organizations providing quality and affordable mental health services to the queer community. To achieve this goal, we rely on all dedication and support.

Below is a schedule of what is expected from a volunteer of the Queer Therapy Network MHP Houston Chapter. 

-Dedicate (6) months of volunteer service to the chapter to help develop awareness and contribute to its growth.

-Dedicate (4) Saturdays a month to attend monthly chapter meetings.

-Be an active volunteer of the chapter, meaning participate in monthly meeting discussions, contribute to the chapter’s social media platforms, and help plan events.

-Help promote the chapter and its events through social media and personal networks.

-Serve as a resource to other therapists and mental health providers who want to learn more about providing affirmative queer therapy.

-Help keep the chapter’s resources up-to-date and accurate.

-Assist with the coordination and execution of chapter events.

Individuals applying to volunteer within the chapter must have a strong understanding of and commitment to the mission of the Queer Therapy Network MHP Houston Chapter, and the ability to work effectively and efficiently with diverse groups of people.

To apply, submit your CV and position letter of interest here.

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