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Non-Member Chapter Support

Not ready to become a member but still want to support?

The Queer Therapy Network MHP Houston Chapter Non-Member Support is integral in helping the chapter accomplish its mission. Support can come in the form of monetary donations, therapy session donations, and volunteering (donations of time), These donations help the chapter to provide much-needed services to the queer community in Houston and surrounding areas.

There are several ways you can show your support!

Non-Member Chapter Affiliation Monthly Donation $35

The non-member chapter affiliation donation helps with the professional development. advancement, and community building of the chapter.

Gift Therapy

Supports queer community members and their families with mental health services.


Donations help us continue our mission in providing queer-affirming free or low-cost mental health services, resources and support.

"Follow The Rainbow" Queer Mental Health Community

Non-profit mental health community for queer individuals who are struggling with their mental health. providing a welcoming, safe, inclusive, diverse, and judgment-free space for members to seek help. 

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