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The BHSA Behavioral Health Organization Network is a statewide network of organizations that provide behavioral health services to queer individuals and their families who are struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorder. BHSA partners with these organizations such as clinics and hospitals, therapist , Social Workers, Counselors, and Peer Specialist to provide queer communities access to queer-affirmative and supportive care through advocating and providing hands- on training and networking opportunities for its apprentices.

All behavioral health professionals and organizations can greatly benefit from the BHSA Behavioral Health Apprenticeship Program as we provide an opportunity for behavioral health professionals and organizations to receive training and guidance in queer mental health and the best practices to improve the quality of care they provide. 

To be eligible for the BHSA Behavioral Health Organization Network:

-The Behavioral Health Organization (BHON) must be licensed in the state in which it operates.

-The BHON must have experience providing mental health and addiction services.

-The BHON must have a robust clinical infrastructure, including qualified clinicians and support staff

-The BHON must have a commitment to quality care and evidence-based practices.

-The BHON must have a demonstrated track record of delivering high-quality services.

-The BHON must have a strong financial stability.

-The BHON must be willing to partner with BHSA to deliver coordinated services and care.

-The BHON must comply with all state and federal regulations.

Eligible organization can be for profit or a 501(c)(3) public charity or a government entity. If you meet this criteria, please apply below and we will be in touch.

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