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Thank you for your interest in the BHSA Behavioral Health Apprenticeship Program.

BHSA is seeking instructors who are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated certified mental health professionals with the education and expertise in the behavioral health field to help apprentices reach their educational goals.

All instructors applying for our program must have a:

-Master's Degree or above in behavioral health 

-Minimum of three years of education in Social Work, Psychology, or a related field

-Experience teaching adults in an online or in-person educational setting

The Instructor should also be able to develop and deliver lesson plans, manage the class schedule, and provide feedback to participants. They must also be able to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

About BHSA Instructor Education Requirements

BHSA instructor requirements are a comprehensive set of guidelines that outline the necessary knowledge and skills that are required for apprentice to become successful in the behavioral health field. The BHSA instructor requirements are based on the best practices and standards in the field, and are designed to ensure that apprentices gain the necessary experience and training to work in a variety of behavioral health settings.

BHSA Instructor Education Requirements

-Basic knowledge of behavioral health and mental health disorders

-Working with diverse clients who have mental health or behavioral health disorders

-Providing support and interventions to clients

-Assessing and managing risk

-Providing crisis intervention

-Collaborating with other educational professionals

The requirements also include a number of general professional development topics, such as:

-Professional communication/documentation

-Ethical and legal considerations

-Supervision and management

BHSA is also looking for instructors who can:

-Teach the program education curriculum

-Help to create, implement and teach new courses

-Possess the knowledge and skills to help apprentice learn

-Guide the apprenticeship program’s education administration

-Use their own educational strengths to increase engaging and supportive learning

All instructors applying for the program should have a deep understanding of the different mental health disorders, as well as the treatments available. Instructors should be able to not only provide instruction on the theory and practice of behavioral health, but also on the interpersonal skills needed to work with people with mental health disorders. In addition, instructors should be patient and compassionate, with a good sense of humor. They should be able to create a safe and welcoming learning environment as well as be a good listeners.

The instructors who are chosen to participate in the program are essential to our success, play a key role in teaching the apprenticeship’s curriculum and guiding the apprenticeship’s administration department.


If you are interested in becoming an instructor with the BHSA Behavioral Health Apprenticeship Program apply below.

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