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BHSA Behavioral Health 

 Apprenticeship Program

The BHSA Behavioral Health Apprenticeship Program is a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in a career in the behavioral health field. The 2 year paid apprenticeship program approved by the Texas Department of Labor (DOL),  Texas Veterans Commission and the Texas Workforce offers participants the chance to learn from experienced queer mental health professionals, supporters, and allies in the field of behavioral health. This program is an excellent opportunity for those looking to gain the experience, knowledge and skills to serve queer diverse populations, including children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of settings, including outpatient, inpatient, and community-based behavioral health programs.

The paid apprenticeship program also offers an online education portal, hands-on training, job placement, mentorship,

and resources to collectively address the lack of queer-affirming mental health professionals needed to assess and treat LGBTQIA+ community members with mental health and substance abuse disorders. Apprentices will also have the opportunity to meet with mentors, online instructors, and participate in a variety of additional learning opportunities throughout the program.

Applicants applying for the BHSA Behavioral Health Apprenticeship Program must be 21+ with a high school diploma or
2 years of education from an accredited college or university. Individuals who are interested in the BHSA Behavioral Health Apprenticeship Program are encouraged to become members of the Queer Therapy Network MHP Houston Chapter

for accredited affiliation purposes and its benefits of being a member, but it is not a requirement.

Apprentices will have the opportunity to learn in depth about queer mental health, shadow their mentor through paid supervised hands-on training, networking events, workshops, and seminars. The apprenticeship is a two year program

in which the apprentice must complete 3200+ hours total of instruction, shadowing mentor, supervised hands-on training,

and independent clinical therapy rotation to become certified through BHSA as a Behavioral Health Aide/Counselor.

Education and Training

The BHSA Behavioral Health Apprenticeship Program offers an excellent online course curriculum that covers a range of behavioral health topics such as:

  • Common Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders

  • An Introduction to Queer Mental Health

  • The Psychology of LGBTQIA+ People

  • Exploration of Gender Identities

  • Sexual Identities and Related Terms

  • LGBTQIA+ Acronyms and "Umbrella" Terms

  • LGBTQIA+ Health and Wellness

  • LGBTQIA+ Therapeutic Approaches

Workforce Process Schedule 

The BHSA work process schedule include a schedules in-person training, supervision, assessment and also include:

  • Weekly tasks with descriptions of required job duties and responsibilities.

  • Begin BHSA Online Instruction Courses

  • Meet with mentor once a week for performance evaluation, progress, and feedback on how to improve your work.

  • Shadow mentor to learn how they do their job.

  • Continue to grow, learn and develop your skills, and refine your work process.


BHSA apprentices are paid $14 per hour for the first year of instruction and $20 per hour in the second year while enrolled in the program. Upon completion of the program, the apprentice will be issued a behavioral health aide certificate of completion and offered a full-time position to serve queer community members and their families with mental health services, resources, and support with the "Follow The Rainbow" Queer Mental Health Community. 

Equal Employment Opportunity Pledge

BHSA will not discriminate against any applicant based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, genetic information, or because they are an individual with a disability or a person 40-years old or older.

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